How to Get Healthy Clear Skin in 2 Weeks

Do you want to know how to get healthy clear skin in 2 weeks; then continue reading to learn more about it? Nobody bothers about skin till it gets bad. Every one at some point in time worries about skin texture and complexion when it’s really going bad and the never ending search starts to get soft, supple and glowing skin.

Today you are on the right page to know how to get healthy clear skin.
By just applying creams you will not get clear skin. Balanced diet, regular skin care, good lifestyle habits and to an extend genetics play a pivotal role in acquiring radiant and glowing skin free from scars and blackheads.
Clean your skin regularly

If you like to have a glowing skin, the first thing which you should do is to wash your face regularly with the help of mild soap which contains moisturizers. After washing apply toner to your face. By doing so, you can get soft skin within 2 weeks as washing removes the dirt from the pores and the toning unclogs the pores. Do not use soaps that contain harsh chemicals as it would damage your skin. Go for herbal products as they are safe without any side effects and offer great results in a short time.

Remove scars

Removing scars are quite tough, however if you want to know how to get healthy clear skin in two weeks, try using natural preparations to remove scars and blemishes. Lemon juice is the well known natural bleaching agent; it would cleanse your pores and lighten the scars. Honey is another natural remedy which brightens your face in no time and protects our skin from acne development. You can take one teaspoon of honey and mix few drops of lemon juice and apply on your face and wash after a few minutes. You can see your face bright and glowing. Repeat this twice a week and in two weeks you can discover the magic of the natural home remedy.

Proper Diet

You may think that diet will not have an immediate impact on the skin, it is not true. Start taking healthy foods which are rich in vitamins and minerals, especially carrots which is rich in Vitamin A. Other fruits and vegetables which are good source of nutrients and fiber are also found to be very good to your skin. Stay away from fatty and sugary foods. If you continue to take this diet, within a week you can see your skin glowing.

Body hydration

Water intake has a direct impact on your skin as water flushes out the toxins from your skin and protects your skin from various issues. Thus, remember to take 2 to 3 liters of water every day. Drinking lots of water keeps both your body and skin hydrated. The hydrated face mask is also useful to restore the lost moisture in your skin.

Hope the above tips on how to get  clear skin is useful to you.Proper care can give you radiant and soft skin within 2 weeks time. Make sure to follow the instructions regularly to keep your skin ever glowing and supple.