Vitamins for Skin – How to Get Clear Glowing Skin using them wisely

Vitamins are as necessary for a good looking skin as they are for good health. When taken in the right quantities, they nourish the skin and make it look beautiful. This article gives details about the right vitamins for skin and explains how they work wonders for it.

Vitamin C

This vitamin is best known for its health benefits as it improves immunity. But it is also a good anti-oxidant and it improves the synthesis of collagen in the skin naturally. By improving this type of synthesis and by maintaining the collagen level, it prevents sagging of the skin. That is the reason the skin looks right, retains elasticity and has less wrinkles. This is the reason how vitamin C helps in keeping the skin looking young. It helps in repairing skin damage due to injury and old age. It reduces the effects of free radicals in the body and reverses the damage to some extent. Moreover it can detoxify the body by helping it release the toxins easily. Blemishes on the skin are repaired quicker when there is an appropriate dose of vitamin C taken daily. It also prevents damaged blood vessels and helps repair them. This prevents dark spots in the skin. Of all the vitamins for skin, this one is considered to be most useful to enhance its appearance.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is a good natural moisturizer for the skin. Hence it’s very beneficial to people who have dry skin. It helps skin by reducing dryness, inflammation and redness. Like vitamin C, it is also a good anti-oxidant although not on the same level as vitamin C. This slows down the affects of aging in the body like wrinkles, marks and age spots. Like vitamin C, E too helps in enhancing the quantity of carotenoids in the body. For this reason, many natural and artificial skin creams are enriched with vitamin E to impart a healthier wetter look to the skin.

Vitamin D

This is a sunshine vitamin as the skin synthesizes it when is exposed for sufficient period to natural sunshine. It is more of an organic compound rather than an actual vitamin. It helps in the absorption of other vital vitamins like C and E. It also strengthens the bones in the human body as well as the teeth. It is also necessary for healthy nails. It improves the body’s immune system and has good anti cancer property. This property is very useful in preventing unwanted growths on the skin. It is also used in treating psoriasis, flaking of the skin as well as itching. It is used in treating eczema and to some extent, acne.

Vitamin A

This vitamin is necessary for a glowing healthy skin. It prevents age spots wrinkles and protects the skin against infections. It also protects the skin from cancerous growth and other conditions that can affect it. It speeds up the synthesis of collagen in the skin which makes it look smooth and reduces roughness. Signs of aging like brown spots, wrinkles and lines across the skin are also reduced. It is also used to treat problems that affect the skin like acne and psoriasis. It increases the rate of production of skin cells which means it can improve the skin texture.

Vitamin B Complex

This vitamin promotes healthy skin and prevents itchiness. It not only prevents acne in the skin but improves blood circulation in the body thus giving it a healthy feel. Another reason behind this healthy look is that it promotes production of essential fatty acids and ceremides. It also protects the skin from infections by improving immunity. It improves moisture content of the skin by trapping it inside the skin and works as a natural exfoliant. It prevents sores in the skin and reduces the effect of skin damage by promoting the generation of new skin cells. It is used in the treatment of skin problems like skin rashes, eruptions as well as dermatitis. It helps in reducing irritation of the skin and is very useful to those who have dry skin. It is also considered as one of the best vitamins for skin.

Vitamin K

This vitamin helps reduce the effects of old age as well as to keep the blood vessels in the skin in good condition. For this reason it is used to treat broken capillaries in the skin and reduce ugly looking spider veins. It can reduce the dark circles under the eyes and roll back the damage caused by sunburns. It is also useful in treating conditions like precancerous lesions of the skin as well as rosacea. This vitamin is especially useful in decreasing dark spots from under the eyes as it helps blood clot and thus stop leaking capillaries.

There are a lot of essential vitamins for skin as mentioned here and they can be had from a healthy diet. Hence to have a beautiful looking skin, it is necessary to have a balanced healthy diet that contains a mix of vegetables, meat, fruits and dairy. You must also drink plenty of water to keep your skin well moisturized. Take precautions whenever you go outside by using proper clothing. And don’t forget to treat yourself with a healthy dose of sunshine in summer. Follow these and you will have a beautiful glowing skin.